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Lili is a French photographer born in Paris in the 1970s.

Very young, she built her sensitivity in an artistic environment and grew up surrounded by art, culture and music. Her photography is also deeply influenced by the trips she has made to the five continents.

This environment sharpened her eye and offers her audience a graphic vision of the urban landscape with a particular focus on the details and situations that she captures through her lenses.

Skateboarding as a medium for her images was a revelation for Lili.


She found a way to offer a new reading of her shots and a way to approach certain iconic images from a different angle.


In this context, she sold her works in the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong, reinterpreting certain classical paintings or religious images such as “The Last Supper” (Juan de Juanes).

In most of her creations, Lili wishes to bring her audience to appreciate her offbeat vision of a work of art and its traditional medium. The choice of the skateboard deck thus opens an unusual and puzzling opportunity to rediscover these iconic images.

The staging of an image on a diptych or triptych reveals a new interpretation, proposes a new rhythm, and modifies the depth of field.

Skateboarding is the icon of a landmark period when freedom and creativity were key values ​​in the world, values ​​shared by Lili in her daily life and through her art. This diverted object thus becomes a real object of interior decoration.

"Passionate about images, the offbeat idea of ​​associating the paintings of the great" classic "masters with a modern object such as the board of a skateboard appeared to me during one of my trips.

I like this "urban" object par excellence and the currents it represents.


Obviously, I wanted to divert it and make it a real interior decoration object.

My vision here is to take these works of art out of their context, to give them new life in order to rediscover them, without going through the museum ... "

To your walls ...

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