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Here you will find models produced with photos and works of artists for whom I have a particular affection. These collabs' will contribute to an original wall decoration and 100% SkateArt.

Jérôme Cavaillès

Jérôme Cavaillès, a child of the Tarn region, is passionate about art. He produced his first paintings around the age of 6. Fallen into it when he was little, great-grandson of the brut art sculptor "Salingardes l'Aubergiste", from a family of antique dealers and art collectors, he was brought up in the midst of beautiful objects. After studying art in Albi then in Toulouse, he decided to settle as an antique dealer in Cordes-sur-Ciel, his home village. He never stopped painting and looking for his way. Passionate about patina, he has always sought to develop techniques for artificially aging or highlighting the age and history of objects and other furniture that he finds. Compulsive shopper, objects of all kinds have accumulated at his place for years and it is by stumbling upon a work by Ron Pippin that he had a revelation! Since that day, everything has been illuminated and a sort of creative bulimia has taken hold of him.

Patrick Robert - Reporter Photographe

Patrick Robert is a freelance reporter-photographer, distributed by Corbis. He worked 17 years with the Sygma agency. after spending 7 years at the Sipa Press agency.

Specializing in international news, he has covered numerous conflicts in Africa, Asia, the Near and Middle East as well as in Eastern Europe, but never ceasing to make portraits of political figures or the world of show as well as in-depth reports on timeless subjects. He was seriously injured by gunfire in Liberia in 2003.

His work has been rewarded with a dozen international prizes including two Visa d'Or.

Jo di Bona - Artiste Pop Graffiti

New emblematic figure of the Parisian Street Art scene, Jo Di Bona owes his dazzling success to his unique technique that he himself invented: Pop Graffiti, where he combines collages, various influences of graffiti and the pop culture of which he s 'is deeply permeated. Fauvist of modern times, Jo mixes colors and movements to create faces imbued with poetry, emotions and joie de vivre ....

From the beginning of the 90s, Jo di Bona cut his artistic teeth on walls and trains alongside Nestor & Lek, with their VF team.

A fervent follower of Graffiti, Jo will gradually move away from it and create what he will later call “POP GRAFFITI”, mixing collages, various influences from Graffiti, but also from Pop culture from which he is involved. is deeply permeated.

Propelled to the front of the Graffiti scene, it appears in numerous books on the subject.

Mark Woodhatch - Artiste Peintre

Among his influences, the painter Mark Woodhatch cites the impressionists Matisse and Cézanne, or others more recent such as the British painter Euan Uglow or the American realist painter Edward Hopper.

Collab Xav Delfosse       
& Lili photography
Série Hong-Kong

  • Instagram - Black Circle

Xav Delfosse drew his inspiration from living in New York, a city where life is growing vertically just like Hong Kong.

Lili, for her part, has a predilection for a graphic vision of the urban landscape with a particular focus on details and perspectives.

The "HK Eyes" project brings together these two photographers in a common perception, angles of view and observation from below to light. These photos question the architectural and quasi-arithmetic geometry of Hong Kong, which has the largest number of skyscrapers in the world.

Taking a step back, this composition becomes an abstract and colorful motif.

Shipping costs are to be added for any shipment by registered Colissimo.

Personal delivery possible in Toulouse (at no additional cost)

Artists Collaboration

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